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SMTP Gateway Support

How it works

When a mail arrives it is accepted by our relay servers and passed to our anti virus servers. These in turn pass the mail to the spam filtering servers who pass it to a storage point. From here the mail is delivered directly to port 25 of the IP specificed in the control panel. This should be the IP of your SMTP server.

When it doesn't

If we cannot connect to your server for any reason we will hold the mail and then re-attemp 1 minute later. We do this twice. We the continue re-attempting deliver every 5 minutes.

Any mail which is not currently delivered is available to view in our webmail client while your server is offline. Viewing the files in webmail does not affect re-delivery. This can be useful.

The tool below allows you to check to see if your server is responding on port 25 to our attempts. If you have a firewall you must unblock connections from the following IP blocks and 85.119.248/24.