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POP / IMAP Support

Connection Problems

Connection problems have the follow causes:

  • Invalid Password provided for the Mailbox
  • Internet Connection not working (reading this from the same machine?)
  • Account Suspended - use the form below to check
  • Firewall blocking access - Disable Norton Internet Security and try again

Useful Settings

IMAP server: imap.fluent.ltd.uk
POP server: pop3.fluent.ltd.uk
Webmail server: webmail.fluent.ltd.uk
Always use your full email address as your username/login
Ensure you have the box for SMTP Authentication ticked
MX records: a.mx.fluent.ltd.uk and b.mx.fluent.ltd.uk

Email arriving late

You can check the headers of the message to see where a message was slow in its delivery. The times are shown as the message passes through every server on the Internet. It usually takes about 3 seconds for a mail to pass through our system or 8 if Anti Virus is enabled.

Email not arriving

Check to see if you have received a virus notification in your spam folder. If an expected mail does not arrive it may be because of a virus which we've removed. Otherwise chances are we didnt receive it. Our logs are searchable if we need to detail any issues.