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Website Hosting

Small Sites

We provide fast and reliable hosting for your company website, easily managed in our control panel, complete with website statistics, FTP access and good support. read more

For most low traffic websites our standard web service costing £120.00 per year will cover all your needs and even includes 5 Mailboxes to use with your domain.

High Volume Hosting

We understand the needs of content providers and run some very large sites on our platform. Sites delivering 30,000 GB a month is no big thing with us. We use servers of the highest specification to ensure speedy content delivery with spare boxes on hand to cover failure.

Read more about our managed servers and talk to us about how we can help your site cope with growth.

Dedicated Servers

If you're looking for a dedicated server to host your content site or ecommerce platform allow us to host it on our Supermicro servers. read more

Co Location in Telehouse

We can host your server in Telehouse and charge you only for bandwidth, electricity and space. Giving you the fastest possible connection to the Internet while retaining full control of your systems. read more