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Co Located Servers

If you're just looking for someone to provide power and bandwidth and space for you to host your server and want to manage everything yourself. We provide the means and management tools for you to do this.

Remote Rebooting

Using a web page interface you can reboot your server at any time of day without contacting an engineer or help desk. If you do require an Engineer to physically visit the server. Perhaps to inform you which lights are flashing or to put a CD in the drive, Engineers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a direct number.


Using IP Keyboard Video Mouse technology you can view your servers console and use it's keyboard and mouse as if you were physically sat at the machine in the data center. With these tools, you don't need to visit the facility in Docklands, London. So true remote management is achievable by placing your server on our platform.


We can backup your server using FTP, rsync or some other preferred protocol. You provide us with access to the files and a suitable schedule and we'll configure our backup server to pull the data or give you access to push it.

The right tools

With the right tools at your disposal you can run your website how you want to. We're constantly improving our service to ensure that fluent is delivering what you want.